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Guillaumes county developed into the county of Apulia [Puglia], which was elevated to the status of a duchy by the Pope in 1059.

The Normans, from their base in Apulia, extended their rule and carved out a new country for themselves in the southern Italian mainland.

Orderic Vitalis records that one of the brothers, Osmond, was the first Norman to settle and that he was granted "oppidum" by "principe Beneventanorum", although the report is a little garbled on points of detail.

However, their expedition may not have represented the first intervention of the Normans in the affairs of southern Italy: Guillaume of Jumiges records that Turstinus cognomento Scitellus was the leader of primus Apuliensibus Normannis who were Waimalchi ducis Salernii stipendarii.

Their conquest of the island of Sicily was completed by 1091, and in 1127 the duchy of Apulia and the county of Sicily were combined under the rule of Count Roger II who, in 1130, was able to pressure the pope into investing him as king.

The emergence of the kingdom of Sicily as a new power in the 12th century changed the diplomatic balance of the European medieval world.

He was offered the Sicilian crown by the inhabitants of Sicily in August 1282 and at the end of that month landed at Trapani to take his kingdom. An Aragonese fleet defeated the Angevin forces in the bay of Naples and captured Charles d'Anjou Principe di Salerno, heir to the Anjou-Capet kingdom.

Lupus Protospatarius records that "Turnichi catepani" fought "cum Mele et Normannis Leo Patiano exubitus" in 1017, and 22 Jun of the same year defeated "Melem et Normannos" when "Patiano" died.Ca Maria Adele takes Venetian style to gothic extreme in five statement concept rooms.

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