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With Piazza still on the couch and an ambulance on its way, chapter president Brendan Young and vice president Daniel Casey, both of whom now face charges of involuntary manslaughter, arrived to survey the scene.

Collapsing into a seat, Young held his head in his hands.

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The footage described in the presentment lays out a harrowing account of Piazza’s final hours starting just after 9 p.m., when the fresh-faced sophomore arrived at the fraternity house for what was expected to be one of the final hurdles he would face before being granted full membership as a Beta Theta Pi brother.At the highest point of his drunkenness, medical examiners would later estimate, his blood alcohol level was nearly 0.40 – almost five times the legal definition of intoxication.In the last moments of footage recounted in the grand jury’s report, fraternity members appeared to realize the fatal mistakes they had made.The next time Piazza is seen on the footage, the grand jury said, four young men had dragged his limp form back up the stairs, stripped off his shirt, and placed him on a nearby couch.

With his head hanging low and his eyes closed, Piazza appeared unconscious and unmoving, a livid bruise growing on his side. Some members sought to wake Piazza by pouring water over his face.

Still, they did not call 911, the grand jury recounted.