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10-Aug-2017 21:21

This will provide you with a plan to follow and the ability to recognize the point you achieve success.

It is not necessary to set goals for every facet of your restaurant business, but it is important to focus on key elements.

An objective may be "We will maximize sales of desserts on weekdays by including a special two-course menu." Excellent service paired with quality food is a base plan to keep diners returning.

An example of a restaurant service goal might be to provide the best front-of-house service of any area restaurants.

Objectives would then define what this experience would look like.

Perhaps diners would be greeted within two minutes of entry and seated within 10 minutes.

It's natural to want to find a partner to join you," explains Jessica Tom, community director for dating website How About We.

"The winter months also bring out a 'coziness instinct'.

Ensure goals and objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

It is important to retain your existing customer base while growing the restaurant by attracting new diners.

An example of a marketing goal might be to attract new diners from a particular neighborhood.

Get your team excited about achieving these objectives by including them in the planning.

Marketing is pivotal in keeping a restaurant running.New Year’s is the time to make resolutions, and that could mean anything from losing weight to trying a new hobby or experimenting with a new wardrobe — all things that happen to pair nicely with dating, and can provide a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.