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As interest in the past grew the Colonial Revival was born.At the same time the Arts and Crafts movement in both Europe and America encouraged going back to a bygone way of living in contrast to the modern industrial culture.

Please write to me for permission before you copy this for others.) Questions?Furniture designer, Gustav Stickly, promoted the lines of earlier architecture and furniture.He believed this should be carried out in all home dcor and admired the "bold and simple" lines of traditional patchwork. 52" long on her, but will get a bit shorter if you are larger... NOTE: the rhinestone buckle is only pinned onto the belt because you're gonna want to size it to fit you.

Difficult to measure because bias will fit a wide variety of bodies. but I think it will fit up to 38*' bust, up to 32" waist, up to 40" hips.

The quilts that were made during the first decades of the 20th century were not reproductions of quilts made 100 years earlier but rather a popularization of the quilt patterns that designers and publishers imagined that colonial women made.